Drum consists of 6 initial (facilitated) discussions, over 6 months, 3 hours at a time, all virtual. The facilitator leaves after 6 months and the Drum continues without them.

No handouts (bar one page of A4), no commitments for contact or work in-between meetings, no questionnaires, nothing else to do but to turn up.

The Drum method is a proven light framework of getting colleagues to meet very usefully with each other.  They’ll learn what an excellent meeting between them looks like.  They’ll pay genuine attention, coach each other, experience what’s useful (and what’s really not!) and get very good at it.   The level of facilitation given by the Drum Builder reduces as every meeting progresses. The ultimate aim is for the Drum Builder to become irrelevant and that you become your own self-sufficient Drum.

You:  It’s a real place with real conversations, nothing contrived,.  Everyone wants to be there, is committed.  You can drop any mask of pretending ‘I’ve got this’.  It’s a place to get ideas and answers for the challenges you face at work, a place to understand how good you really are. A place to realise you are not alone.  A place to understand how to your peers can be a powerful resource for you – and brilliant ideas of how you can change the way you see things and run your part of the business

Your Team: Drum is not explicitly for teams (read below) but you will use the approaches you learn in Drum to run better, more interesting meetings, to encourage openness, to bring out the best in them, to coach more, and tell less – we know it really improves your leadership

Your Business: Drum participants are self-developmental, more creative and collaborative and bring ideas to the business instead of waiting for the business to provide them.

Although coaching is a mature industry, thinking as a group and being given a methodology to structure that thinking is less practised.  At Drum, we believe that you, and your organisation often get much more value from sharing what’s really going on, and fresh thinking with each other, rather than with a private coach. Our approach feeds into strengthening your organisational leadership culture through your own inspiring and innovative people.    Our experience is this is a much more cost-effective and sustainable option compared to some of the high-cost, low impact leadership courses you might do instead.

Actually, we think coaching and leadership programmes are essential.   And we know that Drum is not the answer for everything, for instance, it is not useful for teams.  What we’re really down on is people being pushed through courses that have not been really matched to what they need.   We’re down on ‘flavour of the month’, the CEO has read a book or met a person and now the whole organisation has to do the programme. We know this happens, we’ve been the people leading those programmes!    We also think costs have sky rocketed and have horror stories of miserable returns from these well meant initiatives.

Yes. In fact it’s part of the deal   There’s no charge until after your first meeting when you’ll be completely clear if it’s for you or not.

No, Drums can be either internal to an organisation (Drum) or formed as an independent external group (Innovation Drum).  Innovation Drums can be fantastic for sector, or even cross-sector groups who want to delve into a common theme.   They are useful for people who want to have their thinking shaken up by being in a space with others in a similar leadership position but from different businesses

Drum is not for teams. There’re lots of reasons for this, but the fundamental ones is there needs to be choice to participate, natural trust, equality of seniority and no reporting lines. We’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work.   We know some fabulous team coaches who we’re very happy to recommend to you.

A Drum consisting of 6 facilitated meetings over a 6-month period costs £18,000 (plus VAT).

An Innovation Drum costs £24,000 (plus VAT) as there is extra time and expertise involved in curating the people.  This is either paid for by the host company or split amongst the participants.

Drum is set up to support global businesses, where you have incredible people working for you who don’t have easy access to the resourcefulness of each other.

Drums are held virtually, so participants need not be in the same physical space.  It’s always been this way, to make sure people can connect wherever they are, and

Drum participants agree this is the highest quality meeting they attend each month.  The time and the method of meeting (Zoom) become irrelevant when the quality of the connection is experienced

And if you want the math:  Drum is a three-hour commitment every month. This equates to just 1.5% of your working time (probably less in some cases!).

One of the most successful Drums is “the Drum for people, who don’t have time to be in a Drum’!