A Drum is a structured process of six virtual gatherings connecting a group of six leaders over six months. Facilitated by a professional ‘Drum Builder’, the Drum gives leaders a set of lasting tools to stay true to themselves, explore the issues they question and to lead in the way they want. The participants gather together around a theme, which makes sure the right people are in the room for the discussions that they want to have.

After the sixth meeting the Drum Builder leaves and the Drum continues to meet, often innovating in what they need to suit them best.

Imagine a beautifully constructed building that is built just for the leaders’ purpose. It remains standing long after the Builder has left.   85% of Drum Alumni continue with their original group after the facilitated sessions have finished.  It becomes entirely self-sustained by the participants.

The meeting behaviours established in the Drum are so positively experienced that they often make their way out into other groups and meetings the Drum participants are part of.



Innovation Drum

Sometimes you want to know what’s going on outside of your pond. What are other leaders thinking and doing, and how cool would it be to be in a Drum with them? Also, you might have very few people inside your organisation you could be in a Drum with due to how senior you are. You’ll want an Innovation Drum.


Drum Academy for Leaders

If you’ve been in a Drum, you know what it is and you may want to build Drums for others. Every time you build a Drum your leadership is stretched. This is for leaders who want experiential development that also builds something important and makes a difference.