"Thank you for all that time together, and the powerful and extremely inspirational sessions  – it could not be better time in my encouraged me to think and see things differently"

Oxana Yanushkovskaya, Founder, Pepper Sq

This is the same as a regular Drum but it is made up of people at a similar position to you from across different organisations.  You get to hang out with people who are interested in the things you are, it is a highly innovative place to discuss the important realities of leadership.

You might want to be in one of these because you’re curious to have your thinking provoked by peers in other organisations. You may also be too senior to be in any sort of Drum in your own organisation.

Past/Current Innovation Drums:

Global leaders: Lego, KPMG, Skyscanner, Twitter and Discovery

Charity Leaders: Age UK, Tax Justice, Become, Rising Sun, Positive Money, Agenda

Founder Leaders: Consumer Intelligence, EthicalFin, Kairos Project, Pepper Square, Drum