Productivity, Innovation and Problem-Solving

"I think it was that moment when we realized we need to talk to each other more. At the beginning none of us expected this Drum would be so thrilling, emotional and eye-opening…..”

Remember, all these people are leaders in the business, they have P&L, teams, countries and regions.  Many of them are still connected to their Drums long after we have left.

Changing the way people meet, create, innovate and collaborate


“What struck me is how common many of our issues were across regions – what I might think I was experiencing alone, was actually shared and felt by my peers all around our vast geography."

Feedback from the participants in the meetings has been very positive, individuals are commenting on the fact they feel calmer, more informed, able to be heard.

Real human connection

“The help, honesty and support in the Drum has really helped me go through a pretty unsettling time.”

"I think it was that moment when we realized we need to talk to each other more. At the beginning none of us expected this journey would be so thrilling, emotional and eye-opening…..”

Building Bridges and Conflict Resolution

“Drums are safe places to exist to create the ideal group of like-minded people. People that you can feel that one day they might change the world, if not some lives. If you don’t talk to people you trust, you can feel completely alone at the top and struggling alone. It is liberating when you discover that is not the case (and I have learnt to really listen to people, not just hear them and that has been so important).”

Keep your best people in the business

[To peers]: “Not many of you know that before we started our Drum I was very close to leaving the business. Because of the connections we’ve made and these Drum meetings I no longer feel alone. I now see there is a future for me in this business, one I am actually excited about. You are a very special group, thank you.”

Effective meetings that go viral

“This is incredibly powerful – the more you let others have the time to speak, the more coherent their thinking becomes and the more conclusions they reach. Noticed a real improvement and also noticed more and more when meetings aren’t effective due to lack of planning, structure and respect not to interrupt each other.”

Meetings are more effective, finish on time and we get through everything... it really cuts out the discussion, getting stuck on context and having people talk over each other.

Reinforcing Investment in Leadership, Learning and Coaching

We used Drums both for personal development goals and business tasks. The feedback is very positive from [the management team] and from time to time we can see that other colleagues are inspired by that.