Building a culture of innovation in your business

The next ten years will see an explosion of innovation – and it’s already begun.  What fires innovation?  Ideas, creativity, getting out of the day to day doing and into the thinking, into the stepping back and looking at our leadership.

Drums is a framework of peer spaces in or across organisations committed to fresh thinking and idea innovation.

Leaders who participate in Drums as creative spaces….

  • ...come to Drum meetings with a to-think list, not a to-do list
  • ...take a break from the load they are carrying and talk about what’s going on
  • ....are all in with their commitment to each other
  • ...thrive on the tried and tested rigour, over years, of the Drum
  • ...come up with new ideas, unexpected shifts, deeper connections and more powerful networks

The challenge with business today is not the ability to ‘do’, it’s the ability to ‘think’.   Drum participants prioritise their time to think on their leadership and the business.  They…

  • Work in real leadership time, on real challenges,  no workshopping
  • Think together on the issues they bring
  • Quickly pick up fundamentals of meeting well to deepen creativity
  • Come up with fantastic ideas
  • Become completely self-sustaining - continuing to meet long after the Drum Builder has left the building
  • Open up to what's really going on

LEADER DRUMSFor inside an organisation

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DRUM FOR TEAMSMaking your meetings mean something

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INNOVATION DRUMConnecting leaders across industries

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