Bring Your Best Self to Work

It’s said we’re doing two jobs in any organisation. The one we were hired to do and another one; of covering up how we really feel. That second job can undercut the cleverest strategies and the best laid plans.

Imagine a world of work where leaders show up in their vulnerability, hold safe spaces to have real conversations, are connected with a network of peers to expand their fresh thinking and get the learning and support they need to do their job better.  Imagine the innovation, connection and elevated success that comes from leaders bringing their whole selves to work, not the mask.

That’s DRUM – bringing your whole self to work by growing your emotional leadership muscle.


We’ve all been there; suppressing our reactions in a meeting, bravely keeping going even when we’re completely overwhelmed, trying not to look furious at a decision that seems nuts.  We try to cover up when we’re struggling, bored, out of ideas, behind, ahead, frustrated.   It gets particularly bad when we feel threatened in some way, like it’s not safe to speak up, or we’re too junior, too senior, too nice, not nice enough, it can be exhausting.

No-one trains us for this second job.   We often have little idea how to manage our emotional lives at work.  The implications for this are that we a) become too afraid to bring our whole selves to work in positive ways, like bringing our voice into the room when it feels risky and b) wind up acting out when triggered in ways that are destructive to ourselves and others.

The goal isn’t to become perfect and only bring our ‘good selves’ to work, but to learn how to recognise, manage and show up for ourselves as necessarily emotional beings, whether that means pulling back from spitting out a ranty email that helps no one or leaning into a difficult conversation even though it’s frightening.   It may be as mild as not giving an answer when you want to because you know it’s stronger to ask another question.

Not only does no one teach us how to do this, ‘they’ don’t even teach us that we need to LEARN to do this, it’s essential.


Much of business training presents that we are making rational, top-down decisions at work rather than surfing waves of emotion that range from motivating and helpful to demoralising and destructive.

Drum bridges this gap, by coaching and creating safe spaces for leaders to show up in all their vulnerability, meet others who know what it is to be in their shoes, and get the learning and support they need to do their job better.   They are essentially growing their emotional leadership muscle – which in turn supports their people in growing theirs.

LEADER DRUMSPermanent, real, organic leadership communities inside your business that inspire performance

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INNOVATION DRUMLeaders from different businesses sharing challenges, ideas and offering deep feedback and support

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